Benjamin Buttner's experiences studying, playing and teaching music make him a great performer and instructor. He's played many gigs with lots of great players, received a music degree, has recorded original albums and has regular students and gigs. He is fortunate to be able to spend most of his professional time involved with music.   
Ben picked up the guitar in junior high when it was offered as an elective class. Inspired by music he'd heard on the radio growing up, he set out trying to learn anything that interested him. This eventually led to an academic study of music at Ventura College and then later finishing his B.A. in music at Cal State Northridge. In school he studied Classical and Jazz guitar and has since then acquired many other skills as a player from playing in various bands over the years. 

Keeping busy comes easy for Ben, dedicating time into staying in shape musically and getting involved in new projects are a continuous part of his growth. Often these projects have helped diversify his skills making him a valuable player. A recent example of this is his 2016 recording of Mitch King's Live in 55' which had a song make it all the way to the 10 on the Americana/Rockabilly Charts. When he first joined the group he had a limited knowledge of rockabilly style but was kept onboard for his musicality and willingness to learn the material. Within a few months he was well versed in the style quoting licks from rock and roll's pioneering guitar players. He's currently working with Mitch on the follow up album. 

Having great reading chops also helps tremendously with him being able to keep up on the many projects he's involved in. He is not only a great band member but also a great sub and session man as well. He is frequently called to play on everything from soul, reggae, jazz, funk, rock, blues and musical theater.  He also continuously works hard to make exciting and engaging lesson plans for his students many of whom he's had for several years. He works with public schools, charter schools, and teaches privately in studios and students' homes.

One thing to expect from Ben is always something new. From the very first chords he learned he has always written songs and continues to do so. He has a deep understanding of form and composition, explores improvisation and spontaneous creativity within the appropriate musical settings and his personality and open minded approach allow him to continuously get involved in new projects and grow as performer and teacher.